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This was awesome. I hope you guys get together and collab again because all of your artwork seems 2 mesh together.
i 5d it.


Theo-art responds:

Thanks dude! Maybe next time we'll get you to join in. :D

did you know...

that that is actually not a weenis.

There is no actual word "weenis" someone just made it up, and it became this huge thing, and now it has spread to the internet and it is now even on some dictionaries.
Eventually it will become that the flab of skin on your elbow actually IS a weenis, but I'd just like to let you know, it's not.

But anyway, nice movie.

Front Page for Sure

Hey, I know I told you this before, but I wanted to tell you after I was done watching too.

This will most likely get front page. If it doesn't your other episodes will for sure. You are awesome at drawing, although, i noticed some seemed unfinished, and animations weren't complete. But im guessing thats cuz it was a pilot. I look forward to the next. Make sure I know when it's out.

Good luck.

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Concept: 9/10-
even though the idea was from another game, it was still brilliantly executed
Graphics: 8/10
pretty darn good graphics considering how little lag there was
Physics: 10/10
I haven't seen this good of physics in a while, awesome action scripting.
Overall: 10/10

I love this game, lvl 37. I can't wait till I beat it. I'm disappointed that there are only 40 levels, but I understand how hard it must have been for you to have made 40. If you ever do get a chance, I'd advise you to make a sequel. I think this should be an advertisement for the official Valve game. I might even go out and get the real game now that I've seen how awesome this is.



Nice Start

I think it was a pretty good start. But try not to submit 'tests' or 'game engines' to the portal. Upload them to denvish.net/ul and then put a link to it in the forums. That way people can give advice on what you should do.

Nice graphics, btw. I would like to see the finished product.

Great game

but do you think you could add a 'Are you sure you want to save, this will erase your old game?' button because there were a few times when I accidentally saved over my game.
Very original, I loved all the items you could collect. The fact that you were an ostrich was hilarious. I hope you make a sequel.

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